“One of the best gyms in the pnw. Incredibly welcoming staff of coaches and leaders and an amazing student body. Kindred is great for all levels and they offer kids, teens, adult, and women self defense classes as well as muay thai!” – Kyle T.

“I am a white belt visiting Edmonds from out of town. I decided to check out the nogi classes (didn’t bring my gis). The whole team at Kindred is very welcoming, including the students. It is a positive training environment and the instructors are detail oriented.” – Dana S.

“My youngest son started training here not too long ago and he loves it. Do yourself a favor, and cruise through one evening, an I’ll make any of you a bet: you’ll have a big grin from ear to ear at least 50-70% of your visit! Guaranteed. No, seriously. Those guys in there, really drive the awesome environment and welcoming vibes you feel once you get there.” – Marianne L.

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