We cover basic and advanced concepts and techniques designed for everyone. We take all levels of students where we will teach defense, escapes, and submission techniques.

Jiu Jitsu has a wide range of uses from self defense or sport jiu jitsu. We feel it’s best to learn all avenues of application to be well rounded individuals and have tools to use in all situations.


Traditional Jiu Jitsu is practiced in the Gi (uniform). These courses are without the use of the uniform, creating new dynamics and techniques. We cover everything from basic fundamentals to more advanced leg attacking systems. These classes have plenty to offer for the novice or the longtime practitioner.


Bring your kids in and give them the opportunity to learn self-defense and fitness. Our coaches will work with them to learn how to protect themselves and have fun doing it. 

We have a huge range of different kids from anyone that just wants a great way to get them exercise or even compete at many of the local tournaments.


Designed for students of all levels, we teach the core aspects of Muay Thai including hand strikes, kicks, elbow strikes, knees, sweeps and clinch. Our focus is on covering technique at a pace to keep you learning and engaged while ensuring ample time for practice and repetition. You’ll find our classes will improve your fitness, often burning up to 800 to 1,000+ calories. Come train in our ego-free environment, have fun and get in shape.


Our Kids Muay Thai program is designed to help kids learn the complex movements used in Thai Kickboxing, gain an essential understanding of self-defense techniques, develop discipline and transform fitness into fun.

Kindred Cardio Kickboxing – KCK!

Kindred’s newest program is designed to improve overall cardio fitness while strengthening key muscle groups. KCK! is engineered to use the science of HIIT, the mechanics of kickboxing and the design of a directed fitness class to maximize each 60 minute session! We’ll focus on improving VO2 max and increasing overall cardio ability, toning and strengthening core muscle groups and enhancing balance. We also dedicate time for stretching to protect against injuries. Our unique program goes beyond the traditional cardio kickboxing routines as we incorporate elements of Muay Thai for a higher quality workout and far more interesting experience! Plus, each class helps you burn up to 1,000+ calories! What a perfect way to start the day! 


Come try Kindred Cardio Kickboxing! You’ll have a KCK!

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