Hello everyone.
These have been some very trying times for our little martial arts collective. Unfortunately, it seems there’s even more of a setback. After the governor instituted further restrictions that go into effect today, imposing a 300sq ft rule per person performing physical activity in our facility; this has made running our Guild Muay Thai heavy bag classes no longer feasible. We attempted to get further clarification, as there initially seemed to be some wiggle room, but it was determined that the “wiggle room” was intended for pro sports teams to be able to continue to operate.
Clearly, I am very frustrated and do not completely understand the rationale behind the decisions being made. Ultimately, that doesn’t matter and I am not posting to make a political stance here. We are a collective that will officially follow the guidelines provided by the government.
With that being said, the kids outdoor program will still remain, as that doesn’t violate any protocols. All other programs remain on pause. If you have been registered for a heavy bag class, we will make sure that you are refunded.
I would also like to take a moment to recognize Coaches Marc, Catherine, Justin, and Ashley for putting their programs together and running them within the strict guidelines set forth. It has not been easy to get people in our doors and the patience and planning the Guild team put in has been invaluable.
We are going back to the drawing board on this one. All of this cannot last forever. I hope to have better news very soon and hope to start getting everyone back to doing what we love when it’s safe.
Miss you all.